Gravel Tipper

Gravel trailers are notorious for copping a caning but the Moore Gravel trailer is more than up for it.

Earthmoving moving contractors form Atherton to Adelaide, and Bourke to Byron Bay are putting great contracts behind them with incredible peace of mind.

As the floor cops most of the abuse, Moore's use only high tensile, heavy duty 'Hardox' steel. A 50 tonne, low profile four stage hoist is standard and seals are protected by a body lock.

Be it in Tip over axle… or chassis tipper configuration… the Moore Gravel Trailer is leading the way. They can be supplied in tag, 'b' double or road train specification.

Available in a variety of sizes… with the widest range of axle, tyre, wheel and brake options, you can build your gravel trailer, your way.

A bolt in type, Road Train rated king pin is standard… as is a two way tailgate and ladders front and rear… along with tarp bows and stiff bars that can all be easily removed… it all make this the gravel tipper of choice.

So if you're looking for a gravel trailer that can take the punishment year in, year out,… if you're contract requires a gravel trailer that will still be working long after its paid for… If you're after a trailer that will stand the test of time, you simply can't go past the Moore Gravel Trailer.

Moore Gravel Tippers… Simply Moore trailer for your money.