Side Tipper

When it comes to the efficient movement of road building materials, the Moore Side Tipper is without peer!

Available in a wide variety of configurations, semi-trailer… or body and Dog, this exciting innovation allows for faster cycles because it can tip on the run… no unhitching and re hitching… just get on with the job, pick up the cheque and get onto the next job.

Yes, Moore's have taken the side tipper to higher ground… and it's become the benchmark for the industry.

These 24 cubic metre trendsetters can be fitted with optional fixed side extensions allowing a 30 cubic metre payload to be shifted with ease. The tub is constructed from 'Hardox' high tensile steel… and a variety of wall and floor thicknesses is available.

The high tensile steel chassis is designed and built to carry extreme loads and multiple trailers if road train spec is required… and a bolt in Road Train Rated Kingpin and high tensile, heavy duty Hi tensile skid plate is standard.

With twin, 20 tonne double acting lift cylinders… and a pair of 10 tonne double acting door cylinders, air operated by clever sequential hydraulic controls on both the lead and tag trailers, it's operators easy street.

In fact Moore's specialise in fitting the air and hydraulic valving to any truck to achieve the best solution for your application.

The widest variety of axle, suspension, brake and tyre options can be configured into your unique design… and any available remote control tarp system is optioned.

So if you're looking for more productivity, more convenience, more cycles per day, you can't go past the Moore Side Tipper.

Moore Side Tippers…. Moore trailer for your money!