Cattle Truck & Dog

Transport of valuable livestock is now so much better with the Moore's Body and Dog! Riding on air and with smooth Aluminium inner surfaces your hard work and livestock investment is wrapped in a cocoon of care!

'Through Loading' with a simple but tried and proven system.

Lock the dolly, and reverse onto the ramp. An air ram release the pins on the 'A' frame, then reverse the truck back onto the dog, drop the floor, open the chutes and you effectively have a full deck to load.

Drop down grates and a sliding partition in each crate allow flexibility you've long dreamt of.

Volumetric loading is now achieved by the provision of effluent tanks through a floor sump.

Ladders at all points access the top hay racks and all doors have safety catches.

So if you're looking for a body and dog that's gentle on your valuable stock, safe for the operator but very easy on the eye… you can't go past the Moore's Body and Dog combination.

Moore Trailers… More Trailer for your money!