Conveyor Floor Trailer

The transport of sticky and hard to tip materials such as road base and hot mix, has just become so much safer, with the release of the all new Moore Conveyor Floor Trailer.

No longer do operators have to stand in suspense as they tip hanging product… No longer are unstable surfaces a real nightmare… No more are overhead power lines such an ominous threat…

Now smart operators are increasingly aware of the savings in Insurance premiums… and an exponential improvement in operator safety.

With a very impressive 30 tonne or 25 cubic metre payload… and a triple road train capability, astute companies are putting their business on a whole new footing with the 'Moore Conveyor Floor'.

Various wall thickness are available to allow you to carry the widest range of differing products… and the heavy duty conveyer belt is even suitable for Hot mix asphalt!

Moore's draw on an incredible depth of experience with hi-flow hydraulics and that's what gives this very innovative trailer the ability to unload its 25 m3 payload in just 60 seconds. Yes completely empty in just 1 minute and you're onto the next cycle.

It's suitable for tipping into paving machines and 'Moores have also developed an innovative side unload' adaptor option, for side slipping the load in multi trailer configurations.

Various tarp options are available, as are the fullest range of axles, suspensions, kingpins and lighting combinations.

What is not optional though is the exceptionally high standard of finish and full wheel alignment to all axles, as always, standard on the Moore Conveyor Floor Trailers. Just check out the clean modern look of these sleek units.

So if you're looking for more safety… more payload… more return on investment, it's more for you with the 'Moore Converyor Floor'!

Moore Trailers…. Moor trailer for your money!