Dog / Pig / Tag Trailer

These days we're all trying to improve our bottom line by adding a dog, pig or tag trailer.

You can have your dog, pig or tag trailer built any way you like at Moores, from 2 to 3 axles… flattop or step deck configuration… bulk or side tipper… and even in deck widening configurations, such as plant or machinery trailers… there's even a skel trailer version… The options are endless… and even more so with countless deck or tub heights and length variations.

They all come with a heavy duty tow coupling of your preferred kind, and for articulated units, a heavy duty ball-race with an air dolly lock is standard.

All flat tops come with ramps and beavertail options… and a winch track with slide on winches makes these types so sought after. Add I.S.O. twist locks, heavy duty outriggers and the Moore Trailers optional electric or diesel hydraulic power packs and you're ready for any situation.

Any suitable combination roll tarp systems can be specified… and of course every trailer comes with all the usual mud guards, tool boxes and water tanks.

So if you're looking for a dog, pig, tag or 'skel' trailer that will allow you to flex some real productivity muscle… to move more for less… to grow your business with, you simply can't go past the Moore Trailer.

Moore Trailers… Moore trailer for your money.