Drop Deck Trailer

The Moore Drop Deck Trailer is a real trendsetter in the industry and can be configured to your exact requirements… even out to road train specifications.

You can build your own trailer the way you want it with the widest range of axles, suspensions, wheels and brake options.

In standard specification the bottom deck is 1050 long however a heavy duty spec takes the top deck out to1100 cm… and Moore's boast a 30 tonne rated chassis to make light work of the heaviest loads. The unit is finished with a flush fit steel checker plate floor for safety and load securing.

Dual bolt in, king pin bosses are fitted… one at 900 mm and the other at 1400 mm to suit any prime mover, or weight and balance configurations.

Winch-tracks with 11 winches are usual on flat tops as are gates, racks and toolboxes along with all the other normal features… oh an I.S.O twist-locks can easily be added for your convenience to suit 1 x 40 or 2 x 20 foot containers.

Ramps and beavertails are often built into drop decks as are heavy duty outriggers… and all controlled from the optional electric or diesel hydraulic power packs… Oh and incidentally, the power packs can also be used to power truck cranes.

They're available with a widening deck and they can be fitted with front, rear and centre gate racks.

So if you're looking for a drop deck that can carry almost anything… if your business is built around moving machines and plant… If you need a drop deck trailer that just works and keeps working, you owe it to yourself to check out the Moore Drop Deck… They're drop deck gorgeous!

Moore Drop Decks… Moore for your money.