Rolling Floor Trailer

Transport of high value product is now so much better with the Moore Rolling Floor Trailer.

Capable of carrying up to 60 Cubic Metres of delicate produce, the full slat, roller bearing chain floor is admired for its ability to caress the product off with absolutely no damage.

The smooth internal walls combined with the slow unload speed minimises, even eliminating bruising.

And the unload speed can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 1 hour, allowing you to match the truck to factory speeds.

The heavy duty hydraulic motors, drive chains and pulleys used throughout this trailer all are handpicked to maximise working life and minimise costly downtime.

But check out this load covering system… No heavy tarps or obstructive levers… just flush mount lids that come in nicely against side of trailer… out of the way of mechanical harvesters for example.

There's also a 'push button' hydraulic lift tailgate and electric landing legs to make the operators life easy.

So if you need a rolling floor trailer that handles valuable product with kids gloves… a solution that matches the unload speed to the factory… a live floor trailer that just works and keeps on working, you owe it to yourself to check out the Moore's Rolling Floor Trailer.

Moore Rolling Floor Trailers… Moore trailer for your money!