Steel Tanker

Moore's now offer a steel water tanker for road watering and civil construction applications including dust suppression in mining and energy sites.

Available in three size, 28, 30 and 33 thousand litres they bring big water to the site effortlessly and inexpensively.

The widest range of axle, brake, wheel and tyre combinations is available and all axles are laser wheel aligned.

To deliver the longest life the tanker is mounted to a heavy duty chassis that has been tried and proven in similarly demanding applications.

The tank is fabricated from 5mm high tensile steel and for safety and stability, is fitted with three to six internal baffles and a longitudinal baffle.

The standard pump is a hydraulic drive three inch Southern Cross to all galvanized plumbing.

Independently controllable left, centre and right side magnum sprays greatly enhance the normal four inch spray bar… and for ultimate flexibility that bar can be pressurized or gravity fed.

Controls are in cab beside the driver but even better is the wearable wireless remote that allows the operator to control it all from anywhere.

Filling to single or multiple compartments is catered for by the overhead air gap filler or from a creek or standpipe to the side infill point… and clear level site gauges allow for precise loading.

The tank can be positively drained for cleaning and storage through two four inch side drains and a linked rear six inch drain.

A spring recoil hose reel and modifiable spray nozzle make the unit very capable as a firefighter unit.

All valves are manually air operated with a variable speed flow control for the pump to allow the operator to dial up the pressure they desire.

Tool boxes, water tanks and stainless hose storage trays along with the fabricated steel mudguards with polybelt lining finish the unit off very nicely.

And to ensure the longest protection against rust the tank is primed in zinc phosphate and topped with a 2 pack Acran paint…

the inside is fully painted using an electrostatic process to pull the paint into all surfaces…

OR an optional A pack tank liner in epoxy-mastic can be applied if you intend to carry potable water.

So if you're looking to get water to the worksite in larger quantities for road building or dust suppression, or even for potable water transport, then the Moore Steel Tanker is a must see.

Moore Steel Tankers… Moore Steel Tanker for your money!