Tilt Tray Trailer

If flexibility is the password to viable transport solutions, then the Moore Super tilt tray just does it all!

It makes such short work of any task… from vehicle and machinery transport to demountable and transportable homes… even shipping containers…. this unit is putting smiles on faces… and money in the bank!

Every component has been hand-picked and cleverly integrated together to provide innovative operators with a better solution.

Time is money so over speed hydraulics are fitted for rapid action loading.

Two Quality 15,000 pound winches quite literally waltz any load into place… and provision is made for an additional winch in the top deck if required. Just look at it handle this old 40 foot donga with ease.

Lift for the tilt tray is provided by two rams… and all hydraulics functions are wirelessly, remote controlled. Yes, you can now operate all winches, the lift and tray tilt from anywhere around your load.

To cope with the rigours of this application the floor is made from 8mm, 450 grade hardox Steel… and numerous tie down points are provided.

Two way twist locks are standard to allow for the transport of on forty or two, twenty foot shipping containers.

So if you're looking for the ultimate in flexible transport solutions you can't go past the Moore Super Tilt Tray.

Moore's Super Tilt Tray… Moore Trailer for your money.