Moore Trailers

Australia is carried by the road transport industry. Day and night, this industry with its many heroes, carries Australian produce and equipment from where it is, to where its got to go. It's what makes this country tick.

To say that the transport industry is competitive is an understatement. Only the tough survive and without doubt, survival is totally dependent on the selection of reliable equipment. Gear that will work hard... day in... day out, year after year, until its well and truly paid for itself.

The name, Moore Trailers, is one name that is synonymous with this reliability. More and more transport companies are putting Moore Trailers to work for them. More and more progressive farmers are delivering their valuable grain in Moore Trailers. More and more coal hauling contractors are basing their contracts on Moore Trailers.

Today, almost one in ten trailers on the road proudly carry the Moore name. So what is it that makes Moore Trailers so sought after? What is it that makes them so popular?
Four vital components