Fibreglass Tanker

The Moore Fibreglass Tanker is a truly unique concept for the transport of dense and corrosive materials such as acid and molasses. This innovation is proving invaluable in critical movements such as potable water cartage and firefighting mother-ship roles.

In 5,000 to 30,000 litres capacity, tanks are suspended in steel frames with spring loaded clamps to allow them to flex and not crack up under typical Australian road conditions.

Ladders and non-slip walkways are standard but an optional air rail system is available for ultimate operator safety. All tanks are fully baffled for stability and have sight gauges for accurate loading.

A self-draining sump in each compartment, of either single or multi compartment tanks are standard… and multiple outlets of up to 300 mm can be optioned. There's a huge range of pumps and specialised plumbing options to allow you to match your tanker to your job.

These tankers have the well earned reputation for being strong and durable and suited to hi-way or off road conditions, with even the heaviest and densest products. They are cleverly designed and carefully made to maximise all the advantages of composite fibre technology.

Advantages such as a much greater payload… and longer tanker life… and that all means more money in your pocket.

Moore Tankers… Moore trailer for your money.